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Every once in a while it can be good to check over your website with an objective eye and make sure it is still relevant and up to date. Sometimes there are small changes to things that you don’t normally notice or put much thought into that can help get it back up to par. Sometimes you may realize you need a complete overhaul because your website no longer effectively represents your brand as well as it could. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s a normal part of growing and evolving. Sometimes things become out of date and it’s important to keep up with the changing technology and opportunities.

There are easy ways to update websites these days. Our favorite platform is WordPress. It is so easy to pick a template and create a whole website either on your own or with minimal help from an expert. Once you have the template all set up you can easily update it regularly yourself.

There are so many choices for layout and design of your site. Make sure to put some thought into it and make sure it reflects your branding and the overall feeling of your company.

Include all the relevant information that a first time customer would want to know. Make sure your mission is easily understood from first glance at your site. Include information about any products and services you provide in a way that someone unfamiliar with them would understand.

Provide examples whenever possible. Use pictures to show how your product looks or create graphics that help sell your services. Include past work or a portfolio of projects you have completed previously so that people can get a sense of what you have to offer. If you’re a restaurant, use pictures of your food; if you’re a PR agency, use screenshots and/or links to coverage obtained for current clients; if you’re a financial company, use infographics that show in a simplified way how you help current clients make money.

Include an About Us page that describes the company and what you do, a Contact Info page that states how to easily contact you, a Services or Menu page that explains what you offer, and a Client List page if you offer creative services and have public clients you can offer as an example of the types of projects you work on. Include a Blog page if applicable, as a great way to get your message out on a regular basis, but only do this if you are able to keep up with it and post somewhat often.

It can be helpful to ask someone outside your company that you trust for their honest opinion on your site. Having a completely objective opinion may help open your eyes to things you wouldn’t notice yourself, being so close to the company. An outsider will be able to point out aspects that seem unclear to someone unfamiliar with the company or industry. Put some thought into it and make sure you end up with a website you are completely happy with. And remember, you can always update it again.

If you want help starting a new website or updating your existing one, contact us for creative and content help! Our friends at iDesign Consulting can also design your site from the ground up and provide website hosting.