what makes a brand

I see a lot of things saying ‘a brand is more than just a company’s logo’. Which is so true, of course. But, I think most people know that. I don’t think the main problem is people thinking that branding starts and ends with a logo. I think they know it’s more than that, but just aren’t quite sure what the rest of it is. It can be sort of hard to put into words, actually. So it’s a little bit understandable to be confused. But, if you are planning to start a business, or if you already have one, and you’re still not quite entirely sure exactly what makes up a brand, even though it may be a little bit understandable, it’s not excusable. You need to know! But the good news is that it’s not too hard to figure out and chances are you already have a lot of the components much more figured out than you think you do. You just need to think it through with intentionality and write it down on paper to make it concrete, and then stick to it consistently!

Possibly the most important of all, but also one of the most illusive components to nail down, are your brand values. Even before you think about colors and fonts and all those fun visuals, which are of course a very important part of your brand too, you need to be clear on the overarching values of the brand. These determine everything else because they are the driving force of the business and everything the business cares for and works toward.

Another super important piece of your branding is how the words come across on all your written materials. The voice and messaging used in everything from website copy to social media posts must be consistent and representative of the business. This will look and sound different from brand to brand depending on the audience you are trying to reach, and the personality of your business. Once you determine what your voice will sound like, and what messaging your business will be presenting, you have to use them all the time and make sure that they are similar across all your outlets. Someone seeing two different things about your business should easily realize that they are both coming from you.

Of course, the visuals come into play here too. The fonts and colors that you use make up the visual brand identity and absolutely need to be consistent as well. These are the visual markers of your brand and are the things that will catch the eye of your audience and resonate with them before they even choose to take a closer look to see what you’re talking about.

Everything that has to do with your business should be cohesive and all work together so that there is no question that it is all related. This is what branding is all about.