iDesign Consulting Website Design

A website is one of the main things that a business should create and maintain. It is the face of the company and the go-to information portal for anyone looking to find out more. A website is the single most important and easy promotion tool for a business. Yet, some people do not spend enough time or energy on their website.

There is really no excuse or reason to not invest in a great website that you can keep forever, adding and editing as your company changes and grows.


There are so many simple websites these days and such great ways to keep them up to date yourself without having to go through a webmaster every time. For example, the pollinaPR site is technically a WordPress site that my friends over at iDesign Consulting created for me with a custom design and features. I can update the content any time I need to super easily (and if there is something I can’t do myself they always go in immediately and do it for me). Having iDesign Consulting create a website for me was the best thing I have done for my company. I highly recommend that you find a company as great as them that you can have a great relationship with and trust to build the perfect website for your business.

What you include on your website depends on what the business is and what you want to offer. Generally, it’s good to have an ‘about’ page so people can get information about you or your business. It’s also good to share what you do, with examples if possible. A tab for how you can help people or how they can use your services is key, as is a section for how to contact you. A blog is often a great way to connect with audience and get to share your thoughts with people who care about your business or what you have to say. It’s easy to add one to your website.

Once you have the website up and running you can use it to promote your business. Put it on all your social media profiles, set a signature on the bottom of your emails that includes the web address, and get business cards printed up with it. Make sure to update your website regularly and keep it fresh with new information and news. Remember, this is what will pop up first on Google when someone searches for you, the first thing people see about your business. Make sure it clearly reflects your business and what you want to portray.

If you need website creation right now, feel free to check out iDesign Consulting here!