tell your storyTelling your brands story is one of the most important parts of your brand communication. The individual story is what sets one brand apart from another. Each brand has one, whether you start out with it in mind, or have to think about it before even realizing what it is. To figure out what your brand story is, you really just need to be able to answer the questions ‘Who are we?’ and ‘What are we doing and Why?’ The brand story plays a big part and can greatly impact the future of the brand positively so it is worth articulating well.

When used correctly, your brands story can be the difference between getting new customers or clients and having them choose someone else entirely. The story gives people a chance to connect to the brand and give them a reason to care about it. This creates lasting relationships and loyal customers.

Your story doesn’t have to be long and complicated. In fact, simple can be better. It also doesn’t have to actually include all the details of how the brand came to be or everything that the business does. It just has to include a couple key facts that will make your target audience connect with you and the brand. It should be tailored to your audience and what you want to accomplish. A brand creating a girly product that is run by a mother-daughter team should play up that fact and use it to their advantage. A food brand that creates healthy, delicious food from their own 100-year-old farm has a wonderful story right there. A huge technology company that helps expand communication around the world and connects people to family and friends they would otherwise not be in contact with has a story to tell. 

Some things to think about when crafting your story:

  1. Be truthful. Nothing is worse than stretching the truth to create your story. People can tell when you’re insincere.
  2. Be consistent. Have a longer version and a short version, and versions optimized for different outlets, but be very consistent in the details and ways in which it is told.
  3. Communicate it as often as possible. There are more ways to get your story out there than you may initially realize. Use any and all opportunities to help tell your story, whether it’s through social media, mentioned in articles, or slipped into conversation.

A brand’s story is one of the things that keeps it unique and separate from all the other similar brands out there. Craft the story and then use a communications plan to consistently tell it. It will help set your brand apart.