imagesOne of the best ways to get coverage when you’re working with a fun client that is not dealing with hard news is to take advantage of timely occurrences. These include current events, interesting things that are happening in your area at a specific time, and, one of the biggest ones—holidays. Tying in with something timely allows you to take advantage of possible coverage opportunities you may not otherwise have. Not only do writers often look for stories that have to do with a timely matter, but they will often be more open to pitches that have to do with a timely matter even if they weren’t already planning something, especially if you have a convincing argument as to why they should. In addition, this opens up new opportunities for a ton of trend pieces. Your tie in may not make a whole story, but there will undoubtedly be multiple pieces about the holiday or event and different things going on related to it, which you can then become a part of.

All it takes is a bit of research and the ability to think on your toes. If you look into things going on in your area for the upcoming couple of months or year you can plan fun events or promotions to coincide. Also keep up to date with current events and news so you can come up with ideas quickly if something unplanned occurs that you can tie into and benefit from.

For example, recently it came to the country’s attention that the first night of Hanukkah was falling on Thanksgiving day, thus creating Thanksgivukkah. A pop up restaurant that was already planning to host a dinner in the middle of November decided to theme it around the holiday and we were then able to get mentions in multiple articles about how to celebrate the holiday and what recipes to make for the day, in addition to the regular event coverage we would have received. 

One thing to keep in mind- do be careful not to take advantage of any occurrences that could at all be considered negative to certain people or groups. Yes you want to get publicity where you can, but you don’t want to alienate anyone or seem to be prospering from others’ misfortune, so be sensitive and only use timely occurrences that are positive and come up with ideas that can be enjoyed by all.