How to sell yourself or market yourself to promote your business

I talk to a lot of people who think that they are ready to start promoting their business more in order to take it to the next level– in fact they know they need to do it and are ready to do it, to a certain extent. But then they start to question themselves. They think, how can I promote my business when there are 10 other people with such similar businesses who are maybe even doing it ‘better’ than me. What can you do to get around that? For effective promotion you have to truly stand behind your brand and have confidence in what you’re promoting. You need to get past this mindset in order to truly push your brand, or people will be able to sense your hesitation. But how do you do that?

Here’s how. Remember you have your own unique story and personality. Sell that. Nobody else can have the same business as you. Nobody else can be offering the exact same thing. They just can’t. You offer your products or services but you also offer your personality and the experience of doing business with you. And that’s what separates you from the crowd. So own the ‘you’ that’s in there as part of your brand. Don’t be afraid to play up your personality when it comes to promoting your business.

Don’t know what I mean? Think about all the brands you follow and how similar some of them are to other businesses you see all the time. Yet, for some reason or another, you feel more attracted to certain ones. There are ones that you actually search for on social media to see updated posts, that you actually know you’ll read all the way through their emails when they come into your inbox, that you feel like you know the person behind the brand and that she speaks to you. Why is that? It’s because you resonate with her unique personality and you just click with her more than anyone else offering the same services— just like you sometimes click more with one person than another when you meet in a social setting. You have this unique ability in your business, too.

Try to keep this in mind while you develop your promotion strategy so that you don’t run into self-doubt. You will find that reminding yourself that your business is uniquely you and that nobody has your same story will serve as a reason that you stand out from the crowd. It makes you the one that someone will connect with, and that alone is why you owe it to her to promote yourself in such a way that she will find you. Any time you start to question if you have anything worth promoting or start to think you should put it off a little longer until you have something worth telling people about or something more interesting or exciting or unique, remember that your business already is different than anyone else’s in the world, and that is enough to go on when it comes to promoting it.

So how can you actually use your story and personality in your brand and promotion? Let people get to know you through your promotion. Pitch a publication an article that’s more focused on you as a business owner than solely your brand or product itself, let your voice come through in your materials by writing the same way you talk, let your personal story come through in bits here and there as far as your background and why you started your business in the first place. You’ll find that the more you promote yourself, the more these things will just naturally come through anyway, so you won’t even have to think about it as much as it seems.

Most importantly just remember that you are uniquely you and nobody else has your story. You owe this to all the people you could be serving. Promote your brand to the world so they can find out about and take part in everything you have to offer.


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