End of summerPeople keep telling me that it’s fall. Or at least that summer is over. I refuse to believe it. I’m just not ready. As far as I’m concerned it’s at least summer through the very last second of August. At least. But even I must admit that summer is coming to a close. It may soon be time to switch gears and get into fall mode. But we still do have a few days left of August and it’s worth taking advantage of each one of them. Here are some things I suggest all PR people do to make the most of the end of summer, both work-related and not.

Run An End Of Summer Promotion– Yes, it makes me sad to even use those words, but this may be the last chance to get your summery products out there before having to switch everything over to pumpkin spice theme. If you have something specifically summer that you didn’t get enough play on yet this summer, put it out there one last time. It’s still applicable, for a few days at least, and everyone is eager to soak in the last bits of summer right now so get it in front of their faces before Labor Day.

Get Outside– If you have a flexible work schedule, work outside in the sun one afternoon this week or next. At the very least, take a walk during lunch or after work. Go to the beach, spend time in the park, or have dinner al fresco on the waterfront. Whatever you have time for, do it outside, because there is not going to be much more opportunity for that.

Get Organized for Fall– I find any time that there is a shift in lifestyle is a great time to get re-organized for the coming months. The transition from summer into fall is a perfect example. Just as you will have to switch out shorts for sweaters in your closet pretty soon, you can take inventory of what you have going on in your work life and start getting prepared for the coming months for each client and thinking up new ways to bring them to the next level this fall.

Have A BBQ– Consider throwing a customer appreciation BBQ with a client. Everyone loves an end of summer BBQ and it’s a great way to show customers you care, while wringing the last bit of summer out. If you don’t have an applicable client (restaurants are easy, less physical brands maybe not), throw one yourself. Invite family and friends and throw some burgers on the grill to send summer out in style.

Get Caught Up With The Trends– Marketing and social media trends are changing and developing every time you blink. Use this transition into fall to get caught up on the newest trends and the projections for what will be big for the rest of this year. It’s easy to get lazy in summer and spend time on reading your summer novels, but now is the time to read anything and everything you can related to your industry and be ahead of the curve going into fall.

What are you end of summer must dos? Are you going to do any of the above, or do you have any other things we should add to the list? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!