New News

New is exciting!

Sometimes, a client just has nothing new going on. Maybe they have a lot on their plate currently and no time to focus on doing something new and exciting, or maybe they have recently done some big promotions and are just taking some time off. No matter why, it inevitably happens once in a while that a client just has no new news. Yet, they always want press. Here are four tips and tricks on how to create interest and make something newsworthy.


Create an entirely new item. This could be for a specific period of time, or a new offering/product that will be available ever after. Either way, create something totally different than anything that has ever been offered before. Especially helpful if it follows along with a new emerging trend in your area. Not only will this be newsworthy on its own because it is something unique for your client, but it also can be included in trend pieces along with other places who are also offering something similar.


Run a promotion. Create some kind of deal or discount that is easy for them to run but that they hadn’t been planning on doing. For a restaurant, this could be a happy hour special of a cheap appetizer with a drink, or pricing certain entrees at a easy and lower price ($10 or $20) for a limited time. This will get interest because it’s something that is new and different. And people love deals and saving money.


Host an event. Bonus points if it benefits a local charity/nonprofit organization. No matter what, make sure it has some key aspects that are crucial and focuses heavily on at least one of them: food, music, freebies, information. The event has to provide value to the attendees in order for them to decide to go, and for media to find it interesting enough to write about. Also key is to try to keep the cost of attending as low as possible so you offer the chance to get a lot for a low price. More details on throwing a successful event will be found in a future post. Once the event is planned, be sure to include media on the invite list and be sure to get the word out at least two weeks before the event.


Invite media in personally for a chance to experience it first hand. Make sure you’re ready—make sure everyone and everything is running smoothly on the day of. Be accommodating. If they want to bring someone with them, allow it, and if they need to come at an odd time try to make it work. Most importantly, just show them exactly what your client does. If it’s a restaurant make sure the food is exquisite and a good example of how it normally is. Bring out more than what they order so they get a wider feel for the menu and feel well taken care of. Make sure to provide them with any printed materials to take with them afterwards, like menus and upcoming event listings so that they can remember later and have it on the top of their mind if a story comes up that you fit into.