areas of expertise

We understand that every business is unique. Your public relations strategy has to be just as unique. There is no copy and pasting when it comes to PR strategy. Depending on your work and your goals, we can pick and choose what you need to build the ideal communications strategy.

DIY PR 2-month training

A savvy business owner is often able to carry out their own PR initiatives for their business, if only they have some instruction and accountability. Through this two month one-on-one program I will teach you how to do your own PR, and help you set up a strategy for the rest of the year. For a one time fee, you will learn all the skills required to be able to promote your business, and future ventures, yourself for years to come. This is the best investment into your business that you could make. Through a combination of face-to-face meetings (either in person if you’re in the Boston area, or via video call) phone calls, emails, and digital materials that you can work on on your own time, this program virtually guarantees that you will be well equipped to handle your own PR by the end of two months.

– $1997 for two months-

strategy sessions

Think you might be able to do your own PR but not quite sure your business is even ready for promotion? That’s where strategy sessions come in. We go over every aspect of your business to make sure your branding and offerings and everything else are in tip top shape and ready to be promoted. PR won’t be worth it until your brand is ready for it, so let’s start there. Strategy sessions are usually recommended as a minimum of two 90 minute sessions to get started, with the first meeting uncovering or clarifying your brand, and the second meeting laying out your promotion strategy and plans. There is always the possibility of adding on an additional hour if you want extra help or accountability afterwards.

-$300 for two 90-minute sessions (face-to-face)-

monthly PR & marketing

A done-for-you comprehensive communications package includes a strategic planning consultation, public relations strategy development, media relations, and any other marketing services deemed necessary to carry out the determined plan to fit your company’s needs. This is the one stop shop option for a business looking to outsource PR/marketing needs and cover all their external communication bases without having to lift a finger. A comprehensive communications package can be launched in 6 months and then continue on a monthly basis after that.

-monthly pricing package tailored to fit needs of the client-

media kit creation

Done-for-you media kit development and creation. Get a professional media kit made for your business. Use this in all your media outreach or for any pitches you want to do on your own. This service includes creation of all materials, compilation, and design of a personalized media kit, including 2 revisions.


other services

Just need to focus on one area of your marketing right now? Pick and choose individual services that we can help with on a one-time basis, or ongoing:

media relations

outreach to writers + editors

secure placement in targeted publications

social media

creating + implementing strategy

build a fan base who is interested in what you have to say

event planning

creation + sponsorship

a great event can go far when it comes to promoting a brand- doing it well is important

content creation

writing + editing

website, blog, brochure, you name it– content is key and we can make sure your copy is clear + consistent

why choose us

  • small company offers personalized experience
  • proven track record of success
  • ability to pick and choose which services you want to focus on
  • phone call or Skype consultations from wherever you are located