do nothingThis simple website called Do Nothing For 2 Minutes came across my social media feed this week. The whole website is just one main page with a beautiful image of an ocean and a cloudy sky with a setting sun. In the background there is the sound of waves crashing. The screen counts down two minutes and keeps track of mouse or keypad movement. If you make it the full two minutes without touching, it says “well done” and that’s that. If you get distracted and start doing something else on the computer it immediately says “FAIL” and you either start again or you don’t. 


The ability to do nothing is actually an important skill to have these days. We all need to refresh our minds once in a while, reset our bodies, and just take a few minutes for ourselves.  Is it hard for you to do nothing for two minutes? It’s an interesting thing to think about. When was the last time you did nothing for two whole minutes in a row? Most of us never do take the time for this. We always feel too busy and have too many things to do. Many of us even feel guilty if we have a spare minute and don’t put it to good use by crossing something off the list, getting work done for clients, being with our family. It doesn’t mean you have to stare at a computer screen watching the time count down, but when was the last time you just sat down and closed your eyes and did not do anything. Didn’t think about work, didn’t talk to someone, weren’t watching the TV- just sat.


I think everyone should do nothing for 2 minutes each day. After all, those two minutes work you would be getting done is nothing compared to the many hours you are already working. But two whole minutes of doing nothing feels like a lot of relaxation and a chance to recharge, which we could all use at the end of a busy day.