Boston Bites Back LogoBoston Bites Back, one of the biggest food events in Boston this year took place this week. It was a fundraiser for The One Fund, the charity set up for the Boston Marathon Bombing victims. Since it was a reactive event for an unexpected tragedy, the event was pulled off very quickly, with the whole thing being planned in about two weeks. It included 100 chefs from around the city, hosted by Ken Oringer and Ming Tsai, two of the most famous, and also included a silent auction component, which took place online and featured hundreds of auction items.

Not only was it a great fundraiser and morale boost, providing a chance for the city to come together to give back as one, but it was great for the chefs and restaurants to have a chance to show their support as well. Having a chance to work for a worthy cause is important and something many businesses like to do. It shows customers and the community that they care about others and that they like to do what they can to help. While taking part can result in positive publicity, it is more about championing the cause and the actual act of giving. This event in particular was so great because many restaurants wanted to do something to help but they do not always have the time, know-how, or opportunity to actually organize something personally. This gave them the chance to easily do what they do best (cook and serve people food) while at the same time contributing. One of pollinaPR’s clients Shojo participated and they were so grateful for the opportunity to do so.

The event was pretty outstanding, considering the time constraints and sheer number of people to organize. In addition, there was such a huge turnout that thought we haven’t yet heard the official numbers announced yet, there was surely a huge amount of money raised.