Summer ProductivitySummer. The season for sun, sand, BBQs and vacation. Longer days, higher temps… just as much work. It can be hard to concentrate and stay focused in the summer. It sometimes seems like everyone you know is off on vacation, or having half days on Friday, or that you can’t waste this beautiful weather cooped up indoors on the computer. But you have to. Work is just as important in the summer as in the winter, and while you should definitely take a vacation if you can swing it, you also need to figure out some surefire ways to stay productive on a day-to-day basis., especially if you work from home or have a small business. Here are five things to alter your daily routine this summer to ensure you get all your work done.

1 Plan three top priorities at the beginning of the day or the night before and then make sure you get those three things done first. Continue with the rest of your list upon completion of the top three priorities, but at least this way if the gorgeous afternoon is beckoning, you got the most important tasks completed.

2 Turn off your notifications. Nothing is worse than seeing photos uploaded of the beautiful summer day, or status notifications about a day at the beach. Turn off notifications or set yourself a certain amount of time during which you are not allowed to check social media, personal email, texts, etc, so that you can get work done without the distraction. 

3 Take a lunch break. It’s hard to find time to actually stop and take a break in the middle of the day. It may sound counterintuitive, but try to force yourself to take a break at least for 30 minutes. It can be tempting to work through lunch in hopes of getting out of the office early, but let’s face it- that never works. In reality you just end up missing the whole day of sunlight and getting burnt out. A quick 20-minute walk outside can make you feel like you are getting to enjoy the day and also be rejuvenating so that you are actually more productive the rest of the afternoon.

4 Set short goals. Break the day into manageable chunks so you can feel like you’re reaching goals all day long. Set aside enough time for each project that you could reasonably get it done, and then work on each thing as scheduled. Knowing you have one hour to work on a client report will encourage you to get it done in that timeframe, and then when you finish it you will feel the achievement of having reached the goal. Bonus- if you finish anything early, you either get to take a small break or get ahead of schedule and possibly finish work early for the day.

5 Take a half day! Yes, if all else fails, it is summer after all. Sometimes having something to look forward to, like a half day on Friday, is all it takes to make you push through the rest of the week full steam ahead. You deserve to enjoy the summer too, and if you get enough done during the week and have no pressing deadlines, by all means take a few hours for yourself!

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